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Close up of medical marijuana buds spilling out of prescription bottle with label on black background

Police Officer: “How high are you?”
Pothead: “No, officer, it’s ‘hi, how are you’?”

Medical marijuana users: Do you ever just smoke a joint, and get really high? Like, so high that you’re in a daze, and very spacey? You have a thought and then forget it before you can even speak it out? You look at the time, and you can’t believe that only 5 minutes have passed? You’re so carefree, you forget about all your worries? And then. . . You decide to drive for some munchies.

You’re in the car, and you forget where you’re going until you see the sign for McDonald’s and your brain reminds you how “hungry” you are. You start speeding towards McDonald’s, only to spot Taco Bell next to you, and by the time you look forward again, you’re swerving, and a cop is behind you with his lights on.

If that cop can’t already tell you’re high by your squinty, bloodshot eyes, he will do a sobriety test on you which will decide whether you are eligible for a DUI. Your blood will be drawn and tested to see if you exceed the 5-nanogram limit of THC which determines whether you should be driving or not.

A marijuana DUI will result in:

  1. Jail time
  2. License suspension (both your Driver’s License and your license to purchase marijuana)
  3. Fines and court expenses
  4. Mandatory drug and alcohol course


To ensure the safety of you and the other drivers around you, please resist the urge to drive while stoned. The effects of inhaled/smoked marijuana wear off within 2-3 hours, The effects of an edible can last as long as 8 hours!! Each of these stats, will change for each person, please know your personal limits.

 By: KayLynn

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