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1 in 8 drivers are uninsured. *

*This is the national average; varies by state.

Have you ever been in an accident? Remember that gut wrenching feeling? Now, imagine the same gut-wrenching feeling multiplied when you discover the person who just totaled your car didn’t have insurance. So, what happens if you are hit by a driver without insurance?

If your insurance does not cover this instance, all of your medical fees and damages will come straight out of your pocket. If you are injured and need to visit a chiropractor to prevent future injury, you will have to pay for it.

The good news is: there’s an insurance for that.

It’s called Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance (UMI). This is used specifically for drivers that do not have insurance, or enough insurance. You’re covered for bodily injury costs. If the other driver has lower liability limits than you have for UM/UIM, you will be covered for the difference in coverages.

With a recent increase in auto-insurance premiums, more people are getting less coverage to be able to afford the monthly cost of insurance. Some people are refusing to even buy insurance. With more of these drivers on the roads, it’s becoming essential that you cover your own back to reduce the stress from a car accident.

Save yourself the headache and do not overlook this coverage while quoting your automobile insurance policy. The importance of UMI cannot be expressed enough.

 By: KayLynn

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