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Five Quick & Easy Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance

Odds are you wouldn’t mind saving money on your homeowners’ insurance premiums. There’s also a pretty good chance, however, that you don’t want to have to jump through some challenging hoops to do so. Here are five quick and easy ways you may be able to save on your homeowners’ insurance premiums.

  1. Bundle your insurance. You may be able to save on your homeowners’ insurance when you bundle it with other policies like your automobile insurance. One of our independent insurance agents can help determine if bundling may work to save you money.
  2. Raise deductibles. Raising your share of out of pocket expenses should a claim occur. Discuss if raising the deductible on your homeowners’ insurance policy will make a significant impact on your premiums. Our independent insurance agents can help.
  3. Improve security. Some homeowners’ insurance companies will offer discounts when homeowners upgrade the security of their homes. This can include anything from adding deadbolt locks or security windows to getting a complete security system. In some cases, the discounts can help pay for your improvements. As an added bonus, you will be improving your security and potentially add to the value of your property.
  4. Add safety features. You may become eligible for homeowners’ insurance discounts when you add safety features like fire and smoke alarms and even CO2 detectors. Ask your independent insurance agent how this not only will make your home safer for you and your family, but if there may be potential savings available on your homeowners’ insurance.
  5. Perhaps the best and easiest way to save on homeowners insurance is to have an insurance review. Once one of our independent insurance agents reviews your policy, they can seek out comparative quotes from a number of insurance companies.

Homeowners’ insurance policies can frequently be forgotten. Many may not know what coverage they have or even how much they may be paying. A review and price quote from one of our insurance agents will help. There is no-cost or obligation for a review and quote and it may be an easy way to save money. Contact us and get started today!

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