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Preexisting Conditions and Insurance

Pre-existing conditions are a key factor in insurance. Briefly, they are conditions that existed prior to coverage going into effect. You wouldn’t, for example, expect to have a car accident and then buy an auto insurance policy to have your damage covered. You can’t wait until you have a terminal disease to acquire a large amount of life insurance. You can’t wait until you have a toothache and then buy dental insurance and expect your condition to be covered. In other words, you can’t wait until the roulette wheel stops to see where you want to place your bet.

When it comes to Pet Insurance, generally, pre-existing conditions will not be covered or only be covered after an extended waiting period.  Again, this means you can’t wait until your pet gets ill or has an accident to buy needed coverage. Most pet insurance policies have at least a few days waiting period policy before any coverage would take effect to avoid coverage for pre-existing conditions. The list goes on and on.

Insurance is intended to financially protect you from future events. There are a few exceptions, however.

Health insurance under the Affordable Care Act is available through an open enrollment period that will cover some pre-existing conditions. Medicare will accept pre-existing conditions in its Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). When you start a new job with an employer that offers health insurance you may initially be covered for some pre-existing conditions. It is always best to discuss your coverage with an insurance professional like one of our independent insurance agents.

Because our agents are independent, they have access to loss-prevention products from a variety of companies. This allows them to do the shopping for you. You still make the final choice of course, but they can show you options other agents may not have access to. They also have an array of insurance products to choose from including auto, life, homeowners’, renters’, disability, health, pet insurance and more. This provides them a distinct advantage when it comes to the ability to “bundle” your policies.

Don’t wait until a pre-existing condition limits or eliminates your protection. Contact us for a complete insurance policy protection review and get the coverage you and your family deserve at a price you can afford.

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