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The Latin roots of the word Solstice are “Sol,” meaning “Sun”, and “stitium,” meaning “still”. The Summer Solstice always falls on the longest day of the year, which is typically between June 20th-June 22nd.

What makes this day the longest day of the year?

The Earth is tilted toward the Sun at its maximum angle, which results in the Sun being at the highest point in the sky for the longest period of time. This means your day is going to be full of sunshine!

You could choose to make this day the birth of a “new year” for you. The sun’s presence can represent warmth and light, which brings about positivity.

Use today to appreciate the Sun to give us the ability to survive on Earth. Take time to be outdoors! The long day gives you a safer environment to drive in.

Be safe, be positive; Happy Summer!

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