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Insurance companies will always encourage you to bundle your policies. Most commonly, that involves bundling your home or renters along with an auto policy. Have you ever wondered how bundling could benefit you?

  1. The insurance companies prefer when you bundle your policies. The more policies you have with a company, the more discounts you receive. This will help you in the long run, as you develop longevity and a relationship with your agent and company.
  2. If a single event damages both your house and car, you potentially would have one deductible to pay, which can save you money. Not all companies offer this, so please check with your agent.
  3. Having a bundled policy can be more convenient than having a policy with two different companies. Advantages: Working with one agent, usually only one bill, and only one claims adjuster if the unforeseen happens.
  4. Bundling your policies results in immediate savings. Savings can be anywhere from 10%-30% cheaper.

Bundling your insurance still gives you all the coverages you need. It’s always a good idea to speak to your local independent agent when purchasing your policies.  Independent agents represent multiple companies so they can find the best rate and coverage’s for your household.

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